The End Of The Roman Empire

        The first Roman emperor was called Augustus, a name that means "Great noble one."  The last Roman emperor was called Augustulus, or "little Augustus."  In some ways this tells a story of the Roman empire.  First Romans were very proud of their emperors, but then they cared  less about them.  In this topic You will learn how the Roman Empire fell.
       Augustus was given more power by the senate and eventually became the leader of Rome in 27 B.C.  Augustus was wise to let the senate keep its power because he remembered how Julius Caesar had died.  In reward the senate gave Augustus all power and gave him the title of "Augustus."  Today we remember Octavian as Emperor Augustus.
       Augustus did not try to make Rome bigger.  Instead he tried to improve the existing Rome.  He also tried to make Roman Provinces more honest to help prevent revolts.  Augustus reorganized the empire so well that even after his death, the Roman Empire enjoyed a 200 year long peace-period called the Pax Romana, or Roman Peace.
       Until the year 180 A.D., Rome was ruled by wise emperors.  But following the next 100 years bad emperors ruled Rome and many revolts took place.
       in 284 A.D. a general name Diocletian took power.  Diocletian became a very strong ruler.  He made all government  officials report directly to him.  In result, the senate and the people of Rome lost most of their powers/rights.  Diocletian divided the empire into 2 parts:an eastern and a western part.  He ruled the eastern half and let another ruler rule the western half.  The eastern half's capitol was Constantinople, and the western sides was Rome.  Diocletian's changes save the Roman  Empire, but the Roman people lost most of their power.
       As time passed the eastern Roman Empire, and the western Roman empire became separate enemies.
         The eastern Roman empire ended in 476 A.D.  Why was the western Roman Empire destroyed.  Well there were Ten Theories On The Fall Of Rome.The western side though, lasted until1453 A.D.  Thats all most 1000 years longer!  This is how the Roman Empire came to a crushing end.

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