Caesar Augustus

        Ceasar Augustus's real name was Octavian.  The title was given to him by the senate     when he offered to resign, but instead he was promoted to different offices by the senate.  Augustus means "revered one".  Augustus became the first emperor of the Roman Empire.
        Augustus was a clever politician.  He held the offices of consul, tribune, high priest and senator at the same time!  He refused to become emperor because he knew many Romans would not accept one person rule.  Another reason he became emperor is because he remembered how Julius Caesar was killed.
        He greatly strengthened his authority by making every soldier swear allegiance to him personally.  This made every Roman soldier loyal to him.  He also build up his imperial household to take charge of the daily business government.  He chose people because of their talents/skills rather than birth.  What smart person would!?  This gave slaves a chance to get a job in the government.
        Augustus wanted boundaries that were easy to defend.  So what did he do?  He made the empire smaller so that its boundaries were somewhat natural borders.  Natural borders means geographic features like mountains and rivers.  This also helped in another way because since the empire was smaller now, the Roman Army was not so thinned out over a large area.
        He gave provincial governors long office terms so that they could gain experience in their jobs.  Augustus also gave them a large salary so that they would not over tax the people.  He made sure that enough, but not too much taxes were being payed by taking a census, or population count.
       Augustus made Rome a beautiful place to live in.  He build marble building of which many were temples and shrines.  Laws were made so that the public would behave themselves well.  The first ever police and fire brigade was established by Augustus.
        Augustus ruled for 41 years.  Over that time he brought a new sense of patriotism and pride to the people.  Augustus organized the empire so well, that 200 years after his death, the empire ran very well.  Over all, Augustus was a legendary leader.


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