Before reading this article, it would be advised that you read "Israelites Or Hebrews?"

The Hebrews(Continued)

       As you read before (hopefully!), you found out about the homeland of the Hebrews-Canaan, their enslavement in Egypt, the Exodus, and Moses.  In this article you will learn about what happened after Moses led the Hebrews away from Egypt to Canaan.
       Shortly after reaching Canaan, Moses died.  The Hebrews were afraid that without a strong leader they would not be able to enter Canaan, because many peoples had already built  many walled cities in the area.  Fortunately they got a new leader named  Joshua.  He sucesfuly lead the Hebrews into the land of Canaan and set up a city there.
       After setting up Canaan, the Hebrews became farmers and herders.  The land of Canaan was rocky and dry.  Since there was little water, during the 2 "wet months", farmers collected water cisterns, or bowls.  During the dry season the farmers depended on the crops and animals they had, not to mention what they collected during the wet season.
       The houses the Hebrews lived in had 1 room divided into  parts.  The animals(such as donkeys) slept on the part that was slightly higher than the other, while the people slept on the higher side.  The houses were made of mud brick. 
       After Joshua died, the 12 tribes split apart.  Each tribe was ruled by a different person called a judge.  Later when the Hebrews thought it was necessary to unite, the people elected a leader named Saul.  Over the next 200 years the kingdom was ruled by kings, until Israel and Judah became 2 separate kingdoms.
       In both kingdoms there were people called prophets.  They were people who claimed to have messages from the gods.  When they warned the Hebrews, they were ignored.  The effect was the fall of the Hebrews. While in Babylon the people of Judah were being so called "smart" by changing their religion to make it more fair.
       In the end, the people of Judah were allowed to return to their homeland  after 70 years.   If you have the time, a comment and/or rating would be nice.  Thanks!

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