The Culture Of Rome
        Today Rome is remembered more for its culture than for their fighting.  Roman ideas are very important to everyday life.  They formed buildings, roads and aqueducts.  Without those inventions things would be very different from what they are like now.
       Romans carried on Greek culture.  The Romans used the Greek alphabet, gods, science and culture.  Later though, the Romans converted those things to Latin names.  More important though, Romans spread Greek ideas throughout the whole entire of Europe and the idea of democracy(rule by the people) developed.
       The Romans ruled their empire well.  The Roman empire lasted for nearly 500 years-from 27 B.C. to 476 A.D.  At its largest, the Roman Empire controlled  all of western and southeastern Europe, northern Africa, Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine and part of Mesopotamia.  Most of the powers in the Roman government were held by the man government in the city of  Rome.  This part of the government passed laws and controlled tax payments.   One key point  of the Roman empire was POP.  POP means: Pay, Obey, Peace.  Rome was divide into provinces.  Each province was ruled by a governor.  The main government did not really control the provinces, the governors did.  The Romans government seems similar to U.S. government, doesn't it?  We have a central government, and a separate government for each state.
         Romans greatly contributed to the creation of many important languages.  Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian are all based on Latin.  Even English is.  The English language has many Latin words like art, culture and government.
         Where do you think the basis of law was created?  Rome of course.  The Romans created laws and wrote them down after the plebeians went out of Rome.If you don't know what the plebeians are, click here.  As the Roman empire grew larger, the laws became more complicated, but more fair.  Later, the emperor Justinian created the Justinian Code of Laws.  This had all the laws and explained what they meant.  Many of these laws are still used by many countries all over the world.
       Romans were great builders.  Even though their buildings were not as beautiful as the Greeks, their buildings were stronger.  The reason Roman buildings were stronger was because of the use of arches, domes, and cement.  Arches were used to support bridges and aqueducts.  Domes were used to make beautiful roofs for temples and castles.  Cement was a very good material that bonded other building materials together very well.
        Now.  How did the Romans have fun?  Well they wrote poems, plays and books.  You might think that their plays were all serious and stuff, but they weren't.  The Romans wrote comedies to.  Another form of fun were chariot races and gladiator fights.  Chariot races were when riders stood in a cart that was driven by horses.  Gladiator fights were trained slaves who would fight each other to the death.  All of these events were free to the public.
         Definitely the Roman culture and way of life wa very different form ours, but still very interesting.  if you have the time could you please post a comment.

Justinian Code Of Laws
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