The Byzantine Empire

        As you remember the Roman empire was divided into two parts-an eastern and western.  In 476 A.D. the western empire was conquered be German tribes.  The eastern part however, continued.
       The eastern Roman Empire got the name Byzantine Empire.  Its capital was Constantinople, built by emperor Constantine in 330 A.D.  Why did the eastern Roman Empire get its name?  Well, because Constantinople was built on the ruins of an older city called Byzantium.  Constantinople was well located:1.It was near many trade routes. 2.It was located well for defensive action.  In 395 A.D. emperor Constantine gave Christians religious freedom.He became a Christian himself.  There was someone called a Patriarch of Constantinople-the leader of the byzantine church.
       The Byzantine Empire was strong.  So they decided:Why not take control of western Rome(now conquered)?  When Justinian became emperor in 527 A.D.  The Byzantine Empire won back most of Italy, northern Africa and Spain.  Justinian made the byzantine Empire more beautiful.  He founded Santa Sofia-or Holy Wisdom.  Justinian ruled the empire well until his death in 565 A.D.
       Once the western empire had been recovered, there were new challenges to be faced.  The Arabs and Persians were constantly trying to take control of western empire.  Then the Persians were all destroyed, but then the Arabs started to take control of Byzantine territories!  However, by 750 A.D. the invasion was stopped and the Arabians destroyed.  The empire was smaller but still the largest empire in the Mediterranean region.
       After all this fighting the empire changed.  First the emperor took over all government affairs.  Second, the empire was divided into provinces.  And third, Greek replaced Latin.
        During 900 to 1000 A.D.s, the empire grew to a massive size.  The Byzantine Empire controlled Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor, and southern Italy.  Business grew.  Merchants traded with India, China, Persia, and Arabia.  These were the best years of the Byzantine Empire.
       Religion spread through the world greatly.  The Byzantine church got the name the Greek Orthodox Church.  It sent people called miossionaries to distant lands to teach the people there the Christian Religion.  The Christian Religion even reached Kiev(name of early Russia).  Even though the Greek language/religion was forgotten in western Europe, it was preserved in Eastern Europe.
       The Byzantine Empire empire fell in 1453 A.D.  I think the Byzantine Empire was ver succesful even though it was destroyed din the end.  What do you think?  If you want to answer you can do so by posting a comment.

Santa Sofia


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