Ten Theories On The Fall Of Rome Page 2
        Rise in Christianity.  Does that sound bad?  probably not, but it is.  Christianity became so important, that so much money was used to maintain the churches and cathedrals, there wasn't enough money to pay people their salary.  People don't get paid, they don't want to work.  And who's going to make the goods?  This definitely led to the fall  of the Roman Empire.
       Over the years as Rome conquered more and more people, they got more and more slaves.  These slaves worked for free.  Because if they didn't they would be killed.  Now this led to people becoming unemployed.  This led to the following topic/paragraph.  Hobos filled the streets.  Not a pleasant sight.  This could have led to the collapse of the Roman empire.
       We live in nice cities don't we(at least most people do)?  Would you like to live in a crime infested, stinky neighborhood?  Didn't think so.  Urban decay is what its called.  As more and more jobless people appeared, more cheaper living quarters became available.   At one time  there were 44,000 apartment
homes in the city of Rome.  These were dirty, dangerous and on the verge of falling over.  Slowly the whole Roman Empire became like this!
        Well these were some quite interesting things weren't they!  Do you have any ideas on why you think Rome fell?  Feel free to comment!

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