Nature and People in the Middle East
        Where is the Middle East? The countries around the Mediteraenean Sea are called the Middle East.  The continents on which those countries are located on are Northern Africa,  Western Asia, and Southern Europe.  All the people in these lands have much in common including religion.  The word middle describes these lands very well.  These lands are located right where these lands intersect.
       Dry, hot lands, what are they called?  Deserts.  Most of the Middle East is very dry, so it is a desert.  A desert is a region that receives very little rainfall.  Most Middle Eastern regions are just that.  You can look at the map at the right, or here, to look at the average annual rainfall in certain areas of the Middle East.  Most of Africa receives  only about 10 inches of rain a year.  Some areas in the Middle East receive no rain for years at a time.
         The worlds largest desert is called the Sahara.  It covers nearly one half of Africa.  When you think of a desert, you probably think of a flat land filled with sand dunes.  Yes, there are deserts like that, but not all deserts are like that.  These deserts are called sand deserts.  About 30% of the worlds desert are covered in sand.  The other 70% is covered in rocks and gravel.
       The temperatures can get very hot.  During summer, it could be 120 F in the shade!  in the winter though, daytime temperatures are much more pleasant.  At night however, temperatures could be below freezing!  Did you just get cold? 
       Travel across the Sahara.  No railroad has been build over the Sahara.  In the old days, people traveled in caravans, or groups.  Now travel is easier with the invention of cars and planes...not boats.
       This region is not only a dry/desert region, but it is also a watery region.  There are 3 seas that surround the Middle East- Mediterranean  Sea, Red Sea, and Arabian Sea.  The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan.  Water from the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea, but none flows out.  Where does it go?  Well its so hot there that it evaporates.  The same amount that flows in, evaporates into the air.
        The Middle East region is very hot, but is also very cold at times.  If you have the time, feel free to post comments and ratings. 

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