Life In Rome
 The Romans worshiped many gods.  The gods they worshiped were very similar to the Greek gods.  In fact they were the same gods.   Later in Romes history though, the gods got Roman names.  Like Jupiter was the Roman name  for Zeus.  Religion was very important in Roman life.  There were many religious holidays in Rome.  There were priests called augurs who advised the government about  religious a fairs.
         Now who was the main ruler of Roman families?  The father.  He would control the property thats any of his younger siblings/spouse/kids had.  Women though were completely different.  They had almost no rights.  they weren't even allowed to vote on government leaders.  Whats pretty weird though is how early Roman got married.  Sons/guys often got married as young as age 14 and girls at age 12!
       Romans had some pretty good schools to.  All schools in Rome were private schools.  All young boys and girls attended schools from early age.  When they reached an adult like age, only the kids of rich Romans kept studying at school while others started to work.
       Slavery was important in Rome.  Most Roman slaves were POW's (Prisoners Of War).  Slaves in Rome had many opportunities though.  they could become doctors, Merchants. etc.  There was a problem though.  Many Romans got unemployed because of this.  Also because of slaves Romans grew lazy and depended too much on slaves.
       You know how we have pools in modern life?  so did the romans.  The had bath houses.  People would come here and wash.  Also there were gardens and libraries.
       Recreation.  We all love to go to the movies and watch a cool movie.  Back in Roman times they didn't have movies.  They did have chariot races and  gladiator fights.  In chariot races riders would stand on a little cart that was pulled by a horse and race.  Many riders got killed during races by falling off the cart and being trampled.  Gladiator fights were even gorier.  Slaves would fight to the death.  blood would go flying from the wound caused by the blunt swords.
         Life in Rome was definitely different in ancient Rome than it is today!
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Roman Bath House

Gladiator Fight 

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